First Blog!

Hey guys! I started this blog for family and friends who would like to keep up with what God is doing through our family in Haiti.  Feel free to share this blog on Facebook and such 🙂 I’ll try to post something weekly, but forgive me if I miss a week.  I’m not a “professional blogger”, but I will do my best!

If you click on the “About us” tab and the “How to Get Involved” tab,  you can read more information about what we do in Haiti.  God bless!

Trip to Pennsylvania (picture above)

A few days ago, my parents and brother came home from a missionary retreat in Pennsylvania.  They met with all of the other missionaries within the Cross Cultural Ministries organization.  It was a great time of fellowship with fellow international missionaries.  Lots of testimony sharing, encouraging, and praying for one another.  It was also fun for them to catch up with our “Haiti missionary family”.  It was kind of a bummer that I (Emily) didn’t get to go with them because of school, but maybe next time. 🙂


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