A Ministry within the Ministries

As I mentioned in the previous blog, I’ll be sharing about some of the ministries I have been able to be a part of as being a missionary in Haiti.

The first one i’m going to talk about is actually a ministry within all the other ministries we do in Haiti… If that makes any sense.  Let me explain: My sister, my friends Alex and Kacey, and I are in a worship band called Innovation.  Now, I’m not going to explain how our band formed because that’s a whole other story in itself, just understand we’re all in a band together.  In the past few years, God has opened a huge door for Innovation to serve in Haiti.  Since our band is an acoustic band (Alex- lead singer, acoustic guitar; Me- back-up singer, acoustic guitar, piano, & ukulele; Ashley- cello; Kacey- Djembe and Cajon), this allows us to bring our instruments to Haiti.  We’ve taken our instruments up mountains, through rice fields, on motorcycles (yes, Ashley held the cello while riding a moto), and on a little sailboat to an island off of of Haiti.  So, our instruments have been through a lot. 🙂  We’ve had opportunities to play for people in their homes, at hospitals, at the prayer house, at mountain churches, and we’ve also had opportunities to perform concerts with other Haitian choirs.  Music has been such an awesome ministry.

( A few of our concert flyers :))


It’s amazing to see how God can use music to speak to people when you are unable to because of the language barrier. One instance where I saw God break the language barrier through music was on one of our regular visits to the prayer house.

(The prayer house is a small hut with a tin roof and concrete floor where those who are sick go for healing prayer.  It’s about a mile walk from our compound so we visit there often.  When we go to the prayer house, we always take our instruments because the people love to hear music.)

We started our visit by kneeling down and praying for each person in the prayer house, and then we all sat in the middle of the hut and played some worship songs.  After a long time of playing songs and sweating to death (It’s like a bajillion degrees in the prayer house), my mom asked if I would play a guitar instrumental that I had been working on.  It was to the hymn “Nothing but the Blood”.  So, everyone sat there and listened to me play this instrumental (no pressure :|).  I went through about a verse and a chorus, then I heard a quiet voice start singing.  Then another, and another, and another.  Pretty soon, I looked around and all the Haitians that were packed in the prayer house were singing along in Haitian Creole! Their hands were raised in worship and they were singing their hearts out.  I got “God bumps” 🙂  It was a pretty amazing experience.

(This is a picture of the prayer house)


It’s exciting to see God take something I love and use it for ministry and for His glory!


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