About Our Family

If you would like to know a little bit about our family, you’re in the right place 🙂

Well, lets start with names, shall we?  If you look up at the picture above, we’ll start from the left.  It goes Ross, Mila, Me (Emily), Rod, and Ashley.  Ashley is 19, I am 17, and Ross is 15.  I’ll let you guess my parents’ ages. If I say their ages, I may get my rear-end whopped.  Not pictured is my other older sister, Jennifer.    She was in Japan serving in the Navy when we shot this picture.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of our family , I’ll tell you about how God brought us to Haiti.

Our family went on our first trip to Haiti in June 2012.  Long story short, our family was planning on going on a mission trip to Africa in January 2012, but God closed that door. We had all our passports, our shots, and the money for plane tickets, but we weren’t going to Africa.  So we began praying and asking God, “where are we supposed to go?”.  Little did we know, this prayer would be answered faster than we had anticipated.

My mom had currently been teaching Spanish at a private school in Hannibal, Missouri.  Through the private school, we became friends with one of the students there, Alex Brown. Alex is the great nephew of Ken and Betty McIntyre (missionary couple in Haiti).  Alex had told us that he was going on a week-long trip to Haiti in June.  Mom asked if it was an open trip, and it was.  We prayed about going, and God opened every door for us to go.  So in a few short months, God completely changed our plans (Proverbs 16:9).  We were going to Haiti instead of Africa.

So, we went on our first trip to Haiti that June. Little did we know, it was certainly not our last.  After our first trip in June, our family felt God leading us to take a team down to Haiti that October.  Then we felt Him leading us again to go back that December.  Then the next year in June again (do you see a pattern here?? ;)).  So, in the past four years, God has allowed our family to lead 8 teams down to Haiti on mission trips.

Within the past year of taking teams down, God began opening a door for our family to serve as part-time missionaries in Haiti during my dad’s off-season of work (He’s a commercial roofer).  So, as of now, we are missionary candidates in Haiti.

We appreciate all of your prayers and support during this process. Keep em comin! 🙂


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